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RaceWire's events platform was designed from the ground up with you, the athlete, in mind.
RaceWire is built around you, the runner. You love speed, so we get your results out fast, usually within moments of your finish. We help relive your accomplishments by offering photo and video services at many events, seamlessly integrated into your results.
Finally, we know you want to improve, so we built a class-leading set of tools to help you analyze your performance.
Work hard at a race? We'll help you to remember it! At many of our races, we hire pro photographers to come and shoot high-quality photos and video.
Because nobody likes to wait, we post the images fast - usually the same day! Your pics and video are fully integrated with our results system, creating an enduring record of your accomplishment. Best of all, our images are - in many cases - free of charge. Share, download, and customize to your heart's content!
Moments count, during and after the race. That's why we expedite your results directly to your phone or computer. Our custom-built, fully-integrated platform ensures that no one's faster!
Best of all, our results dazzle and inform the way no printed sheet ever could. Compare your race against peers, friends, and old rivals. Discover the week's best performances. Assess the difficulty of a race or the strength of its field. And that's just to start!
Tired of boring race results? So are we!

That's why we've build an amazing set of graphing and analytical tools that let you see your performance from multiple perspectives:

Your performance compared to athletes in age group

Your improvement over time

Athletes you finish with

Hall of Fame recognizing outstanding races

And much, much more...

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